Children who are outdoors are better at watching TV and phone

Today, a preschool child is only about 30 minutes a day to enjoy outdoor activities. The rest of the time children are sedentary activities such as playing games, watching television or other electronic devices. This is not good for children.

According to a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO), today two-year-old children already know how to use the phone, there are 7 children every 10 children who are allowed to use their smartphone or tablet devices by their parents. . There are parents who are proud because their children are better at phones than they do without knowing it is extremely harmful, both psychologically and physiologically.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hoạt động ngoài trời trẻ em

The first harm is affecting the eye. Most children who are nearsighted or astigmatism today are using phones, watching television too much. Children who focus on the screen will lack interaction with the outside world, leading to poor communication. Children do not know how to love, do not know how to express their emotions easily. In addition, children familiar with the way by phone will be addicted to the phone, so it always requires, depends on the phone, easily harassing and cracking if not met, leading to stubborn temper.

It is easy to see if the child is too focused on the phone, children will not eat and sleep well because they are obsessed with the virtual world constantly moving in the screen. More importantly, children lose the ability to focus on learning, not seeing anything attractive outside the screen.

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Instead of those attractive screens, children must find attraction elsewhere. This is when parents need to accompany and encourage children to play outdoors. This not only helps children develop comprehensively, healthy but also helps children forget about television, games, and cartoons.

According to experts, parents need to make sure their children have time to participate in outdoor physical activities for at least an hour each day for the practical benefit of their development.

Studies have also shown the great effects of outdoor play. It is that children will reduce the risk of obesity, prevent the development of mental disorders, increase understanding, develop motor skills and easily express emotions and feelings. In addition, exposure to natural sunshine for children is indispensable for physical development.