When can babies go out

According to experts, parents can carry babies out when they are 2 months old. However, to ensure safety, you need to shield your child carefully and avoid going to crowded places. According to folk beliefs, mothers and babies should stay indoors for a few months to avoid being infected. But medically, holding your baby out for a walk will not cause much effect as long as you avoid going to crowded places and carefully covering your baby. So when the baby goes out, what should be noted?

You are trying to carry your child out to play, but many people recommend not because the baby is immature, will it be easy to get infected? But is this true? According to medical experts, you can still let your newborn out as long as you pay close attention or unless your doctor tells you to give it to your baby at home. This is usually the case in premature babies or babies with immune system problems. Most of the time you can let your baby out is when he or she is strong, about 2 months old.

Khi nào có thể cho trẻ sơ sinh ra ngoài?

If you intend to let your baby out, try to arrange appropriate travel times. Choose the times when your baby is most comfortable, such as after eating or changing diapers. At these times, babies are usually obedient and easy to sleep, so when you take them out you won’t be too hard.

Before you let your baby out, you need to choose the right clothes for the weather. If the weather outside is cold, put on more clothes, bring more socks, socks and hats for your baby. When the sun is hot, let your child wear thin, light-colored clothes and only let them play under the shade. In addition, you should also give your baby a hat or a stroller with a ring to make sure they are protected under the sun.