Laver Cup – the difference is too great between Europe and the World

In the third year, the Laver Cup continues to face the main factor crisis – which makes the World team underestimated against the European team. In the first two seasons, the problem was not raised because everyone wanted top stars Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic to pair up together. On the hard black pitch, unlike traditional green, it feels really exciting and exciting to see great players often face each other standing on the same net side.

However, the audience at the Laver Cup does not seem to care much about cheering for the European team or the World team. The Laver Cup is often compared to the Ryder Cup golf tournament but in reality it is unfair to compare this team tennis with a tournament with a history of more than eight decades. As long as the Big Three power trio including Federer, Nadal and Djokovic is in form, Laver Cup will be attractive. But no one knows how long the Big Three will play.

Đội tuyển thế giới sẽ phải dựa nhiều vào phong độ của Kyrgios (thứ hai từ phải qua).  Ảnh: Laver Cup.

In order to survive and develop, even when the era of the Big Three is over, the Laver Cup needs serious care and investment. The tournament must be highly competitive and the champion must be truly convinced. That is the situation that the World team is facing, because it is difficult for them to combine the faces from six continents into one united team.

Laver Cup 2019 currently has only two representatives of which are present in the World team, including the Americas and Oceania. And World Captain John McEnroe also lacks an influential star in the squad.

The scoring mechanism by the day of the Laver Cup requires the first two days of the World team to have a truly excellent male single player to face Nadal or Federer. The first day matches count one point, up two on the next day and three points for the last day. Despite having the best doubles in the world with three Grand Slam titles, Jack Sock alone will be hard to make, though in the previous two seasons, the US tennis player lost only one of the six men’s doubles matches.