Sports events require Singapore’s greatest endurance

It’s easy to stay active in Singapore with a schedule full of sporting events organized year-round. Those who desire to sweat and challenge themselves can sign up for a range of sporting events that require themed endurance and are suitable for a variety of fitness levels.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore Orchard Road with Christmas Light ups at the starting point of the Standard Chartered Athletics Singapore
Was Association of the World Athletics Federation.

It can be said that the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Singapore. The trail will take you through many iconic landscapes in the city, such as the stunning Marina Bay area.

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The OSIM Sundown Marathon is an activity for people with insomnia and night owls. You can take a break from sleep when you register for the Sundown Marathon that takes place at night, and this is Singapore’s first night marathon, and also the largest night marathon in Asia. See the city in a different angle as you cross iconic locations at dusk, while enjoying the cool night air.

Even if you don’t want to run the entire marathon, this sports event includes a 5 km, 10 km, 10 km group run, and half the length you can book. There is also a fun way for children to participate. This huge event that takes place every year not only brings together those who love athletics but also has lots of diverse sideline activities. Enjoy carnival games, delicacies from mobile stalls and live music when you take a breather after challenging your limits. Best of all, proceeds from the athletics and fun activities are all donated to charity.

If you prefer to ride on wheels, sign up for the annual OCBC Cycle, which brings together cycling enthusiasts from all over Singapore and around the world. Join with like-minded people and challenge yourself in categories like the 42-kilometer Sportive Ride and the 23-kilometer Straits Times Ride. There are also bike paths for children of different ages, so register early to enjoy the preferential registration fee. You’ll also love the picturesque places when you cycle through famous landmarks in Singapore.