Reasons to participate in exercise activities at the University

Many foreign universities are not just interested in student scores. synonymous with learning is only one of the criteria for admission. Even if you are not enrolled in gifted programs, this is a plus for your application. Simply because the schools are keen to have an active student body. Especially those who can bring extracurricular achievements to the school’s activities.

Exercise activities will definitely bring you many health benefits, helping you be more physically and mentally active. Once you have a healthy body, learning will definitely be more secure. If you live on campus, you can easily take advantage of the sports facilities for a modest fee. Even you are free, for the entire school year.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hoạt động ngoài trời của sinh viên nước ngoài

Do not think that only group exercises help develop this skill. That is why universities often assign students to do newspaper programs, organize tours for new students, organize competitions outside of class time … Actually, playing sports engaging in sports or engaging in teamwork is a great opportunity to practice teamwork skills, making it easy to get along with the differences.

It is not necessary to wait for the school to organize, even every student can take the initiative to set up their own clubs. What about a club who turns waste materials into fashion products?

Hình ảnh có liên quan

In the process of learning, you will face stress, exams, and even competition with classmates. To overcome these stresses, it is best to seek out outdoor leisure activities. Participating in exercise activities not only helps you relieve stress in your studies but also creates opportunities to earn points in school, improve your health, expand relationships and develop necessary skills.

When you’ve finished your homework, why not join in group activities, outdoor extracurricular programs (climbing, dancing, singing …). Let’s remember, making friends will also be very beneficial. later progression. Going forward, talking with foreign friends has been an interesting multicultural experience.