Experience winter sports in Japan

There are many types of winter sports like skiing, skating, ice walking, snowboarding, skateboarding. In this article, I would like to summarize the places where you can experience the sports of this exciting winter.

Japan has many areas suitable for snow games and experiencing many winter sports activities like in Hokkaido or Niigta Prefecture. Among tourists to Japan, there are also people who come to Japan for the purpose of experiencing winter sports.

Snow Shoes Trekking is a sport of soft snow walking and does not have a firm grip with a specific shoe called Snow Shoes. If you can take a walk in the silver-white world spread across the snowy mountains, you’ll definitely come across landscapes that you can’t find every day.

You can experience Snow Shoes Trekking at “Kurumayama Kogen Ski Area” on the top of Kirigamine Mountain.  You can both enjoy the breathtaking view created by the magnificent Southern Alps and Northern Alps.

In the winter, ice and snow cover the sea of ​​Okhotsk in Hokkaido. You will be able to feel the snow and ice very close to you with the ice world spreading at your feet and see Clione jellyfish swimming below.

You will wear special waterproof clothing with shoes, then you can join the game as comfortable as in casual clothes. Because of the thrust, even if you can’t swim, you don’t have to worry.

The instructor will explain everything from how to wear waterproof clothing to how to experience it. Do you want to experience the special “Ice Walk” that is only available in the winter?

Snow Mobile is a motor vehicle. Can run on snow like when driving a motorbike. You do not need a license to drive within the designated range so you can get started right away. Let’s move with gravity and acceleration to run on snowy mountains.