Is walking be really the perfect way to exercise

People need to practice to stay healthy. Walking is an easy, fun and inexpensive form of exercise. But is a good walk enough to bring about the known benefits of exercise? Walking alone is not enough for most people, although it can be a platform for more specific training with higher intensity.

Therefore, moderate and high intensity aerobic exercise should also be included in regular exercise programs. Of course, this does not mean that walking is not beneficial, it promotes the health of exercise but there are aspects of exercise that you won’t get if you just walk.

Physical activity is linked to important and very broad health benefits. Walking at a moderate pace can achieve most of these benefits, especially if it is done in continuous intervals.

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Of course, the benefits are even greater if you can do some form of higher-level exercise like brisk walking or walking uphill. And adding some sort of combination exercise that challenges strength and balance. Walking brings many benefits. Walking is an activity that can easily be increased or decreased to suit your personal goals.

You can easily change the speed or intensity, or distance. Using a climbing stick can also change activity so it’s not just an exercise for the lower limbs. Walking on different slopes and surfaces or carrying heavy objects while walking can add variety and challenge to your workout. For convenience, you can easily walk on the treadmill.

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Walking has been shown to provide many physical health benefits and is promising for reducing depression. There are also aspects of social support in walking, where you can get to know people in your neighborhood or community, especially if you have a dog.

Walking needs to maintain your interest in the long term. Walking can protect against chronic diseases and has a lower risk of injury than other forms of exercise.