What water should Golfer drink

Playing golf or any other sport, especially hot outdoor sports, the addition of water is extremely necessary. But which golfer should drink to be able to replenish the best water, ensure health when playing?

Water fills 70 percent of the human body. When traveling long hours on the golf course, the golfer is easily dehydrated. In one study, 4-5 percent of the body’s water was lost. If not supplemented in time, then the efficiency as well as your ability to exercise and play golf will decrease by 20-30 percent.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Golfer nên uống nước gì

Therefore, it can be said that water is extremely important to people, especially to the athletes or golfers. Therefore, golfers need to maintain a full intake of water and minerals in the body to ensure you are in the best health when playing golf.

The amount of water lost while practicing or playing golf depends on the intensity and the weather at the time. If you play golf in hot weather, you need to consume more fluid.

Before entering golf tournaments, golfers should drink 0.5 liter of filtered water before going to the golf course and take small sips when passing through each hole.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Golfer nên uống nước gì

Although filtered water is the best, golfer can supplement fluids from tea, juice or sports drinks. The American Sports Council recommends that if you exercise hard for at least 45-60 minutes, a drink containing electrolytes is appropriate because it contains sodium to help rehydrate quickly.

Regarding juice, you should choose coconut water or lemonade. Coconut water is recognized by the American Chemical Society as a natural sports drink, in coconut water full of substances such as Sodium, Mage, and Calcium.

Especially with Potassium in coconut water will have 5 times the content of other types of water. The sugar content in coconut water is mainly natural sugar, the proportion of artificial sugar is much lower than other drinks.