Learn famous golfers how to play golf when it rains

The rainy season is approaching, if you do not have the skills to cope, your scorecard may cover some bad points. Therefore, golfers need to know the following tips to have fun experiences when playing golf in the rain.

As an outdoor sport, golf is heavily influenced by weather. Playing golf in the rain is an enjoyable experience if you bring waterproof sports jackets, impervious gloves and advice from famous golfers on the soggy course. World golf legend Tom Watson has up to 8 major titles, including 5 Open Championship titles, the tournament where the cold rain is an indispensable highlight.


For most other players, the conditions of competition in the UK in July made them unable to play at the highest level, this is Watson’s advantage. On wet land, make a sweep so that the balloon can fly high without creating a deep mark on the grass.

If you sniff deep behind the ball, the clubhead will dig into the ground. In wet yard conditions, a thin shot is better than a thick shot. In addition, the ball after a thin stroke may stop on the green if the green is wet.

Tom Watson có đến 8 danh hiệu major, trong đó có nhiều giải đấu dưới mưa

If any part of your body needs to be dry, it’s your hands. Once you slip the handle, you’ll lose everything, so put your hands in your pockets unless you’re playing. In addition, make sure you keep the ends of your club bags from wet rain so that water does not flow down the sticks and wet them.

In rough ground conditions, grass tends to stick around the tip of the club, you need to hold the club a little harder. The closed clubface will not create hooks or pulls. Remember, when the club and the ball are wet, each stroke, the spin will not be the same. Need to dry the clubface before playing because the club needs to create friction to create spin for the ball, helping the ball to fly farther.