How to lose weight by jogging method

Jogging is a form of exercise to lose weight is a lot of people choose, because this is a very simple sport form, without ingenuity. This sport helps with weight loss and is very good for health.

Base run: This is the simplest form of jogging, with the speed that each person can achieve, without losing a lot of energy. Each run of Base run type we only need to run with short and medium distances, about 10km.

Long run: is a form of jogging similar to Base run. However, the distance of this type of running will be longer, about 12 to 15km. This type of running will help us improve physical strength and endurance. Because the long distance requires persistent running.

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Terval run: a type of short-distance running, with high speed and intermittent breaks. When you practice this jogging, you will feel more tired, because this exercise needs more speed.

Hill repeat: this is similar to interval run, but this is more difficult in that we have to run up the hillside. This exercise needs good physical strength and will train you to endure endurance.

Recovery runs: This is a running pattern, this type of running is called running to recover after doing the above running exercises. Apply the exercise in about 4 minutes, with the most comfortable pace after the exercises that need high intensity to recover.

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Progression runs: a type of running starting with slow speed and gradually increasing the speed and ending. For example, we can run at a normal speed of 8km, then accelerate at 1km at the end of the road and end. This form of running helps improve running speed, reduce fatigue and improve endurance.

Running will help burn calories very quickly. This will be the best choice for a weight loss process. Practicing runs that need maximum speed will help burn calories to the maximum level. Jogging will help you reduce cravings and reduce the amount of food you eat.

In addition to helping with weight loss, jogging is also a very healthy way to follow: helping our movements become more flexible, the bones will be stronger.