The Fartlek running technique for sports players

The technique of running Fartlek is often applied by athletes, especially football players. This is a simple exercise that can be applied to practice in many different spaces, with very simple equipment.

Fartlek in Swedish means “speed game”. Is the Fartlek exercise a clear, detailed structure system that is blended, changing frequently with the aim of creating different speeds and distances. Practitioners can also create their own comfortable running tracks.

In sports practice, Fartlek is seen as a kind of skill that helps change exercise routines that can be boring, and create excitement. Fartlek so in many cases it is also loved and becomes much more interesting than many other running methods such as: Running in the background, running speed, running speed.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chạy Fartlek

Professional players also love to practice Fartlek, especially during the break between the two seasons and when there is no need to focus all their energy on the club or the team. They do not necessarily have to use the training ground but can practice in parks, lakeside, open areas, near the place to maintain good physical foundation.

Instead of putting your determination into striving for a set distance or training time. Players or runners of Fartlek can choose any destination on the road such as electric poles, buildings, a tree, road signs … They are constantly changing the speed fast – slow. They can run rhythmically to their favorite music, or simply take a short walk to their liking.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chạy Fartlek

Fartlekn is not simply an interesting training method but also considered as a game to help relieve the psychology extremely effectively. At the same time, speeding up the process of physical rehabilitation. Practitioners not only practice alone but can also invite friends and relatives to form a very fun running group.

Practitioners can also apply the flexibility of the Fartlek running technique to complementary movements with the soccer ball to improve their techniques.