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Increasing outdoor activity reduces the risk of nearsightedness

Children who participate in many outdoor activities and play sports will be less likely to be nearsighted. This is a reaffirmation of Dutch researchers in a recent study. Dr. Caroline Klaver of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam shared with Reuters: “The lifestyle from childhood is much related to the occurrence of nearsighted symptoms. Do not participate in outdoor activities and do many tasks. The meticulousness will increase this risk.”

Although factors such as genetics, learning, working and reading in poor light environments are often viewed as the main causes of nearsightedness, recent research shows how to use time of young children can be the primary source of origin leading to this disease.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trẻ em thể thao

Erasmus researchers have watched 5,711 children in Rotterdam since birth in a long-term study. By the age of 6, these children were given a general health check and 2.4% were found to have nearsightedness.

The researchers used statistical techniques to analyze a range of factors, including the social and economic aspects of the family, race, lifestyle and educational attainment of parents and children’s activity and any relationships between these factors and the child’s ability to have nearsightedness.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trẻ em thể thao

The team found that nearsighted children had less time to participate in outdoor activities, had lower vitamin D levels, higher body mass index and less sport than those who were not nearsighted. . Although factors such as gene, mother’s education and low family income also have an impact on myopia, according to researchers, factors related to lifestyle dominate most these risks.

“Different ethnic groups have a different rate of nearsightedness, which is often attributed to the fact that genetic factors may actually be It is because of the difference in lifestyle, new research and recent works show that spending time on outdoor activities is effective in preventing myopia at a very young age, from three to six years old. “Doing too much chores like reading and using handheld devices can be a risk.”

When can babies go out

According to experts, parents can carry babies out when they are 2 months old. However, to ensure safety, you need to shield your child carefully and avoid going to crowded places. According to folk beliefs, mothers and babies should stay indoors for a few months to avoid being infected. But medically, holding your baby out for a walk will not cause much effect as long as you avoid going to crowded places and carefully covering your baby. So when the baby goes out, what should be noted?

You are trying to carry your child out to play, but many people recommend not because the baby is immature, will it be easy to get infected? But is this true? According to medical experts, you can still let your newborn out as long as you pay close attention or unless your doctor tells you to give it to your baby at home. This is usually the case in premature babies or babies with immune system problems. Most of the time you can let your baby out is when he or she is strong, about 2 months old.

Khi nào có thể cho trẻ sơ sinh ra ngoài?

If you intend to let your baby out, try to arrange appropriate travel times. Choose the times when your baby is most comfortable, such as after eating or changing diapers. At these times, babies are usually obedient and easy to sleep, so when you take them out you won’t be too hard.

Before you let your baby out, you need to choose the right clothes for the weather. If the weather outside is cold, put on more clothes, bring more socks, socks and hats for your baby. When the sun is hot, let your child wear thin, light-colored clothes and only let them play under the shade. In addition, you should also give your baby a hat or a stroller with a ring to make sure they are protected under the sun.

Overview of psychology of sports and physical education

Previously, most did not see the importance of psychology in sports. However, recent physical education psychology plays an increasingly important role in sports, top competitions. So now, let’s learn what sports psychology is? The object of sports psychology Is all the psychological phenomena of people arising in different conditions and circumstances of sports activities.

The theory of operation in modern psychology also said that physical activity and psychological activities are always united. They are intrinsic factors in the structure of human activity. Sports activities, though having specific characteristics, are physical activities but inseparable from psychological activities. Or overlook its role in operational organization, as well as in teaching education and training.

Human sports activities stem from objective necessities: positive movement of human body, positive existence and creativity of human personality in society. It is a type of activity that requires sustainable motivation, clear goals, specific tasks, as well as scientific pathways to physical health.

In this area of ​​activity, the activist is both the subject and the activist. Exercise is to influence your body, the result is to make you healthy and successful in sports activities. Therefore, it is required for enlightened people to play a profound role. It is an indispensable psychological requirement for sports activists.

Young specialized psychological science of sports but has undergone two stages of development. The research established theoretical principles to establish basic concepts , reflecting the psychological basis of the type of sports activities, as well as the effects of the process and psychological state on the results of physical activity.

The theoretical knowledge of sports psychology of this period contributes to expanding and enriching the system of general psychological knowledge about the field of human activity. At the same time, they are the basic knowledge of Psychology of forming motor skills in the theory system of sports methods in general.

Children who are outdoors are better at watching TV and phone

Today, a preschool child is only about 30 minutes a day to enjoy outdoor activities. The rest of the time children are sedentary activities such as playing games, watching television or other electronic devices. This is not good for children.

According to a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO), today two-year-old children already know how to use the phone, there are 7 children every 10 children who are allowed to use their smartphone or tablet devices by their parents. . There are parents who are proud because their children are better at phones than they do without knowing it is extremely harmful, both psychologically and physiologically.

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The first harm is affecting the eye. Most children who are nearsighted or astigmatism today are using phones, watching television too much. Children who focus on the screen will lack interaction with the outside world, leading to poor communication. Children do not know how to love, do not know how to express their emotions easily. In addition, children familiar with the way by phone will be addicted to the phone, so it always requires, depends on the phone, easily harassing and cracking if not met, leading to stubborn temper.

It is easy to see if the child is too focused on the phone, children will not eat and sleep well because they are obsessed with the virtual world constantly moving in the screen. More importantly, children lose the ability to focus on learning, not seeing anything attractive outside the screen.

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Instead of those attractive screens, children must find attraction elsewhere. This is when parents need to accompany and encourage children to play outdoors. This not only helps children develop comprehensively, healthy but also helps children forget about television, games, and cartoons.

According to experts, parents need to make sure their children have time to participate in outdoor physical activities for at least an hour each day for the practical benefit of their development.

Studies have also shown the great effects of outdoor play. It is that children will reduce the risk of obesity, prevent the development of mental disorders, increase understanding, develop motor skills and easily express emotions and feelings. In addition, exposure to natural sunshine for children is indispensable for physical development.

Formula 1 and interesting things

This is a prestigious sporting event, being likened to the Grand Slam tennis system by the world. The Formula 1 annual event held by the company is the Formula One organization, under the management of the International Automotive Federation, including Grands Prix races in many different locations.

Initially the GPs only held in Europe, but in this season 2018, 11 out of 21 races take place outside the old continent. The results of each GP tournament are combined to determine two annual World Championships, one for riders and one for racing teams.

Tournaments are organized either in a dedicated track, or on the street in a certain street. The Monaco Grand Prix, which takes place at the Circuit de Monaco, is a race built on the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine in Monaco, which is considered the most celebrated public street GP in this tournament system.

The Circuit de Monaco is 3.3 km longer and the riders will have to run 78 rounds to complete this long race over 260.28km. Viewers will watch on the mobile stands behind the roadside or from buildings on the track. Singapore first hosted the Grand Prix in 2008 at Marina Bay Street Circuit, and marked the first two times: the first night race in F1 history, and the first street circuit in Asia.

Forbes magazine believes that hosting a GP is one of the occasions to promote the nation or the city to the most powerful global. The 2017 article cites data from the Independent (UK) newspaper saying 390 million people watched F1 racing on television a year earlier, turning GP prizes into one of the world’s most viewed sporting events.

This is understandable for the street racing, because the background when it is the urban landscape, the outstanding buildings of the venue, these images will catch the eyes of hundreds of millions of viewers all over. bridge. This is different from other sports, including football, when the background is just the audience filled with spectators.

What are the benefits of outdoor activities for children

Outdoor play activities make children agile and adapt to the natural environment while children are confident and bold in life. Play is the main activity children learn and play and learn. Thereby children gradually develop intellectual, physical, emotional social relations to develop comprehensive personality for children.

Through young outdoor activities promote their active activeness. At the same time, children get comfortable and comfortable when they go out to breathe the fresh air of nature around them. Besides sports games such as football, basketball, jumping rope, etc. In addition, children are free to play outdoor games such as slide, swing, … right at their own school in the good and dear air.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trẻ em hoạt động ngoài trời

Many scientific researchers have demonstrated that when a lack of play space, children will lose their flexibility seriously, language development is not favorable. Therefore, children will be shy and difficult to socialize and later find it difficult to adapt to life. Along with that, when the lack of outdoor play activities, children will hardly find happiness.

The main course schedule, extra-curricular courses, piano lessons, drawing, and martial arts plus a mountain of exercises make children feel tired. If stressed, excessive anxiety will negatively affect children’s mental and physical health. At this time, outdoor activities will help the young mind to be comfortable, refreshing, more receptive to the lesson after a long time plying the books.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trẻ em hoạt động ngoài trời

Sometimes just walking around the house is enough to help your child exercise, breathe fresh air, relieve stress and look at everything, everything in a new perspective.

When participating in regular activities and with a combination of a nutritious diet, children will develop physically in the maximum way and the body always has high resistance. When participating in outdoor activities such as basketball, football, table tennis, cycling, hiking, camping, chasing and other outdoor activities children will have the opportunity to be active, play, young. will control body weight, reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, sleep better, be healthier and more flexible.