Guide effective back lever training

Back-lever is a movement that requires a lot of strength. Doing back lever is not a simple exercise that beginners can do. This movement requires physical strength to balance the weight. In this article, I would like to share an overview of what is a back lever? Also give tips on the most effective back-lever.

Perform a back-lever by turning the person upside down. Lower your body from the top down until your body is parallel to the ground and facing the floor. The back-lever movement is the opposite of the front-lever.

Back-lever supplementary exercises may have to start with a slowly turning upside down state. The goal is to gradually accentuate the feeling of the hand and shoulder joints when hanging upside down. This will make your body much more flexible. You should try to practice hanging upside down and then turning back 2-3 times before practicing back-lever.

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The back lever sometimes hanging upside down the body sometimes makes you awkward and visualize the direction. Because, for those who start practicing back-lever will lose feeling when hanging parallel to the ground.

Before doing a street workout or back-lever, you need someone to support you if needed. That is to help you orient when upside down the body parallel to the ground. For back-lever, you will easily identify the right position to hang across the body when you are really strong and used to feeling.

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In the first, hold your bar with your hands. Continue using your steps or dip your legs naturally. Step backwards with the foot’s momentum to lower your body until your back is right with the ground. To hold for longer, you should shrink as much as possible and bend your back.

From here, it is imperative that you keep your back straight. At the same time, stretching out your hips, your legs begin to stretch at a 90 degree angle to your body. At this time, the difficulty of the back-lever begins to increase.