There are undoubtedly a lot of people who enjoy outdoor sports and activities. They may participate in these regularly. Then, there may be a misfortune which stops them from doing so. This has happened with some outdoor athletes. Some of them have overcome the challenges they have faced as a result of this. They have gone on to be an inspiration to many who have found themselves in similar circumstances.

John Axford

It is not always an injury to the athlete which can interfere with their sport. An excellent example of this is the incident that John Axford faced when his little boy was bitten twice by a rattlesnake. The situation was life-threatening and the weeks of recovery were incredibly challenging for the entire family. John’s son was in the hospital facing surgery and ongoing treatments.

John still had a commitment to the Rockies Baseball team which he was under contract to. John is an inspiration to many, based on the way that he handled this entire devastating problem. He had to balance his priorities, which were putting his son first, but still honouring his commitment to the outdoor sport that was his livelihood.

Kailyn Forsberg

Some outdoor sports are considered to have more risks than others. Skiing is one of these. A reality which hit Kailyn Forsberg most devastatingly. Before her life-threatening ski accident, Kailyn was a fifteen-year-old who seemed to excel at every sport she tried. After the accident, only one-third of her body was functioning. At this point, Kailyn could have given up, but she didn’t.

As she progressed through her treatments, and recovery which was indicated as being limited, Kailyn took a very unique approach to the situation. She commented that she would make being in a wheelchair a cool thing. Spoken like a true athlete.