It isn’t just athletes who become an inspiration. There are also many outdoor sports enthusiasts who have become inspirational to many.

Sister Mo

Sister Mo is a well-loved and respected nun who lost her life all too soon. Knowing that she was facing a life taking disease, she made her bucket list. One of her dreams was to lead the Broncos in prayer. That wish came true when she was given an invitation to a Bronco’s practice. Less than 36 hours later Sister Mo left this earth. She is a true inspiration which shows just how valuable outdoor sports are to so many people

From Surf Photographer to Eco-Activist

Just thinking about being a surf photographer paints the picture of an outdoor activity which would be most intriguing and extremely challenging, even for the fittest. Mike Coots, however, took this to the next level. Mike had been a surfboarding enthusiast and had an unfortunate mishap with a tiger shark. As a result, Mike lost his leg. He could have continued life feeling sorry for himself, but that wasn’t his style. Instead, he embarked on a fantastic career of becoming one of the most successful surf photographers.

Taking Skate Boarding to Another Level

A favourite outdoor sport for many, or even just as a hobby, is skateboarding. Another enjoyable outdoor activity is motorcycle riding. These are two activities which had a dramatic impact on Erik Kondo. His experiences started with a motorcycle outing that led to an accident leaving him paralysed from the chest down.

Erik, later on in life, decided that his condition was not going to hold him back from enjoying the outdoors. He decided to take up skateboarding. His medical condition would appear to make this impossible, but Erik changed all that. He decided to invent a skateboard for wheelchair users. As a result, Erik opened up a whole new world for others who were confined to a wheelchair.