One of the most exciting and undoubtedly healthy ways to enjoy the outdoors is by becoming involved in one of the many different types of sports which are played outside. There are lots to choose from, and some are more popular than others. These will vary throughout the world.

The UK

Those living in the UK, for the most part, enjoy the variety of activities which are available to them. When it comes to sports, there are some that top the list for being favourites, which include the following:

  • Football: Rugby and football are two sports which draw a lot of attention in the UK. Very much so on the pro level but also for amateurs.
  • Field Hockey: While field hockey is thoroughly enjoyed as a professional sport, it is also one that a lot of people like to play on an amateur level. Quite often kids will play their own mini version of this game when they can get a group together.
  • Cricket: When most people think of what sport England likes to favour, they will think about cricket. It is the national sport.
  • Speed Games: The speed games that come into the sports category are prevalent throughout different parts of the UK.
  • Equestrian Sports: The UK is well recognised for its equestrian sports. When individuals and families want to take part in this sport, they can do so. They can do this by just taking some time to go horseback riding.

The United States

The US enjoys many of the sports which the UK does, although they may be different versions of the game. Some of the favourite sports in this country are:

  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Football


Canada, like the other outlined countries, also has a long list of favourite sports. Most when they think about Canadians and sports, think of ice hockey.

No matter which country a person lives in, there should be plenty of outdoor sports to enjoy.