There seem to be more individuals taking an interest in outdoor activities. There are a few reasons for this. One is because many believe that being outdoors is better for health. Another reason is that there are a lot of outdoor activities which can be enjoyed for free or cost very little. When individuals start to show an interest in this, they will look for what may be trending.

Unwelcome Trends

Unfortunately, not all the trends which are taking place regarding outdoor activities are positive ones. Some schools are making the decisions that outdoor clubs may be too risky. The risks revolve around some of the activities such as hiking and backpacking being considered as unsafe.

Welcome Trends

A lot of people throughout the UK are taking a keener interest in what they can enjoy outdoors. Some of the ideas which are trending consist of:

  • Sea Kayaking: This is an activity which can range from easy to moderate in difficulty. It is recommended for teens and up, but an adult should be present. A favourite area to enjoy this is in the Highlands of Scotland.
  • River Swimming: There are different types of swimming activities which can be enjoyed. But most that enjoy outdoor sports often look for additional challenges. One that is trending when it comes to water sports is river swimming. It is comprised of open water swimming that also includes distance.
  • Kite Buggying: All types of sports offer some extra challenges, but one which also provides extra thrills and is trending is kite buggying. Many say it is like kite flying mixed in with go-karting. Participants often enjoy this on an open beach, where they are whisked across the sands being pulled by the kite.

These are some of the latest outdoor sports which seem to be trending and appear as though they will for quite some time.