Families are often looking for activities which they can do together that don’t cost a lot of money. Most want to find a good selection that they can enjoy outdoors. Fortunately, there are plenty of them to choose from. There shouldn’t be any issues with finding some that the whole family will enjoy together.


One of the most exciting outdoor forms of recreation is to go camping. In many cases, some locations are close to home to do this. There are some costs involved, but once the camping gear has been purchased the costs are reasonable going forward. Those who really want to “rough it” can go on their camping trips with a minimal amount of camping equipment. For those who want more conveniences, they will want more elaborate camping equipment.


While there are a lot of outdoor sports which involve single players and teams, there are a lot of family outdoor activities that fall under the heading of sports. Here are two to consider:

  • Swimming; this is a great sport which is often enjoyed on both amateur and pro levels. It is also one that the entire family can take advantage of. Although it can be enjoyed indoors as well, being outside to enjoy the water is all the better. The best outdoor swimming activity is at the beach. If one is not readily available, then most likely there will be an outdoor public swimming pool that will work well.
  • Bicycling: cycling is another excellent outdoor activity within the sports category. Each member of the family can have their own bike. For those who are too little to ride, then one of the adults can get a baby attachment for their bike so they can enjoy this event also.

Other activities such as just taking family walks and doing some exploring are great ways to enjoy the outdoors and being together.