Experience winter sports in Japan

In Japan there are many areas suitable for snow games and winter sports activities such as Hokkaido or Niigata Prefecture. Many tourists come to Japan especially for the purpose of experiencing these winter sports. However, each region in Japan has different snow cover, so depending on the destination, you may not be able to experience the winter sports as expected.

With this sport, you will be equipped with a specific pair of shoes to help you walk on the soft snow surface easily. Feeling extremely interesting when walking in the white world spread on snowy mountains, you will surely encounter scenery that cannot be found everyday.

You can experience this Snow Trekking sport at “Kurumayama Kogen Ski Area” on the top of Kirigamine Mountain, one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan.

The Shiretoko region of Hokkaido is famous for its ice sports. In winter, the vast Okhotsk sea surface in Hokkaido forms thick ice. You will feel the whole world of ice spreading under your feet, and you can also see Clione jellyfish swimming in the sea below.

With special waterproof clothing and shoes fully equipped, you can enjoy this sport freely. Due to the repulsive sea water, even if you can’t swim, you don’t have to worry. The instructor will explain in detail from how to wear waterproof clothing to how to fully experience this special sport.

Skating is a skating sport with specialized skates, very popular in Japan. At the Olympic Games, there is speed skating in terms of speed and figure skating competition in performance techniques. Although not playing, just relax your body, slide slowly and glide on the ice rink is a very interesting experience.

Fixed on the base of the board like skateboard, you can conquer the snowy slopes with this sport. This is a favorite sport around the world. In Japan, too, you can experience snowboarding at local ski resorts.