Outdoor activities and sport are a way to change your life

Outdoor activities and sport helps me change my perspective and create motivation to rise in life and work. A few friends convinced me to join the Ironman competition a few years ago. At first, seeing the journey: 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and 21 km jogging, I looked for excuses.

I admire many people in the country. Whenever they have the time, they use it to run or to exercise. This comes from the fact that they play a lot of outdoor activities from a young age.

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An old boss of mine is still regular sports. He lived positively, full of energy, passion for giving to society. He plans to take part in the Ironman competition with his upcoming children and grandchildren. That is when he turns 70.

I shared about my training style with a foreign trainer, and realized that I had completely learned the wrong way. I decided to hire a professional trainer to guide my training, nutrition and post-workout recovery.

The cost of hiring a professional trainer is very expensive, but it is really an effective investment. This helps me grasp a methodical, long-term exercise as well as a detailed training plan for my own condition.

I grew up in the public school system from kindergarten to university. There, sport is always a subject I’m not really interested in. And now, a lot of people ask me why I’m so busy at work. But I still participate in sports competitions.

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The answer is simple: Sports give me many rewards. The competitions help me change my perspective, motivate me to rise in life and work. Thanks to sports, I understand that I can do the impossible. And, nothing is “impossible”.

With me, sport is like a philosophy of life, a way of life. Endurance sports are also a form of dynamic meditation instead of static meditation, which helps clear your mind. I believe that sport is a way to change people’s lives.