Writing for people who do not want to learn how to swim yet

Everyone knows that swimming is a good sport in many aspects and has a drowning effect. However, the paradox is that until now there are still many people who do not know how to swim and are not ready to learn to swim!

Therefore, I write this article for those who are still hesitant to learn to swim. Because really, if someone doesn’t want to learn how to swim, then even if the government calls or mobilizes the entire population to learn how to swim, they are still at home!

Đây mới là cách bơi nhanh nhất thế giới, nhưng nó lại không có mặt ...

People will likely have a different list of the skills they deem most needed in life and those skills they deem unnecessary. In other words, the list of essential life skills will be different for each person. So is swimming considered an essential life skill for everyone?

Previously, the rain and wind were favorable. Today, climate change, erratic rain and wind, storms and floods constantly. And with those different conditions of society, the necessary skills must also change.

Swimming, on the other hand, has a protective effect on the health and life of the practitioner. If exercised regularly, swimming has the effect of protecting the health and life for the lifelong learner. People who buy swimming pool tickets are not buying peace of mind, but buying solutions to reduce risks by their own efforts.

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However, swimming is similar to insurance as a precaution against risks that can occur from a distance. Precisely because the precaution is so far away.

Many people do not take insurance seriously and do not want to learn how to swim because they hope that the risk may not happen to themselves. The plus point of swimming compared to insurance is in the prevention process from so far. Swimming creates added value for the practitioner.