Take 50 minutes of jogging weekly to live longer

Many people start exercising in order to stay healthy. And running is a popular sport and is perfect for getting started. It also takes very little time and is not limited in space. But how many times a week should we run? Most of the questions are from netizens and runners and they rarely get compelling answers and evidence to these issues.

Exercise increases health, in fact, 5 million people lose every year from not exercising and these people can continue to live if they do it. Based on reports, running is one of the most popular options for people who have never exercised but want to do it. That’s why it’s important to understand the benefits you get from running.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently published an article analyzing the rate of running as well as the number of people dying from disease. This analysis has given us an insight into running as well as the benefits it brings.

Of course, the research also has its own limits, the people who exercise will often become healthier. Jogging is a representative sport for aerobic exercise as well as a part of other sports. Research has shown that walking a penguin reduces death by about 10 percent, but it’s not as effective as running.

The main difference between running and walking lies in speed. This helps stimulate fat burning, metabolism and heart-lung functions. The intensity of exercise affects mortality.

Overtraining not only increases injury rates, but also negatively affects improved health. Whether you’re running for a run or for your health. You should still practice with muscle training and flexibility. Running is still easier and less daunting for the vast majority of people when they want to start exercising.

You can say you can start with just 1 pair of running shoes to be able to do this exercise. Physical training requires a lot of attention and focus on body movements, making it harder for many beginners to approach. Because of this, health workers find running to be a better choice when they plan to exercise for their patients.