The right beach fitness exercises, do you already know

Fitness right on the beach, why not? You are familiar with the usual sports movements at home. Today you can try the feeling of doing push-ups right at the beach!

The surf wave gives you a full body movement, this can be considered a warm-up exercise before you go swimming, surfing with real waves at sea. Stretching legs is one of the most popular beach bodybuilding exercises.

You can completely consider this as a game and practice with your group of friends. Both exercise health and bring a joyful and comfortable atmosphere in the travel.

The knee pull is the main impact exercise on the hips and lower body. You will not get tired when swimming for hours in the ocean, and will help tone the thigh muscles.

Jump back and forth on the sand pile in a straight line to help you move your whole body, your reflexes more quickly. The move is easy to perform but also costs a lot of your effort.

Exercise 1: Stand with feet close together, knees bent straight. Push your hips back slightly, swing your legs apart. Then close them while keeping your knees bent.

Exercise 2: Put your torso on your arms and keep your torso in a straight line, don’t slouch your hips down or raise them. Lock the body firmly, not raising the chin too high or too low. The neck is the same line as the spine. With your hips steady, lift one arm and your opposite leg up until it’s parallel to the ground. This is considered one-time.

Exercise 3: Stand on one leg and bend the other knee 90 degrees so that the calf is parallel to the ground. Tense the muscles from the legs to the hips. Lock the body and keep your back straight. Hips facing back, legs arched knees. Start pushing your heels and hips up and forward. You can grab something for balance. You can also practice 5 times and then rest and then continue.