Ways to help children enjoy sports activities

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), children participating in sports activities have higher heart-lung health than those who only play with electronic devices. Therefore, parents should encourage more movement. The following methods help parents drag their children away from TVs, electronic devices, and play outside to enjoy the fun of sports, physical development.

For children, the best way to encourage them is to imitate and emulate. Parents can practice soccer, cycling, swimming … Also, let your child practice according to a certain schedule to make a habit, over a period of time without prompting Your baby will still practice automatically. Besides, the whole family can plan the outdoor activities of the family. Thus, you have just built a healthy lifestyle for children, while creating more fun time among family members.

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Boredom is a common phenomenon in young children. Therefore, changing many different physical activities is essential. If children ride a bike every day, they can change their cycling route … or find a new sport for their children. Children also like to hang out with their friends so their parents can organize long trips, picnic with their friends’ families. You should also think of some collective games for children to be excited when they move like soccer, basketball, badminton …

Children will automatically join the game when having friends around. For children who have started going to primary school, you can let your child learn to ride a bike to school instead of picking them up every day. If you are not safe for your baby’s safety, you can contact other parents in the class to help your child to study in groups, while helping your child to be active every day and helping them to integrate easily with friends.

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Therefore, parents should try to limit the child’s total screen time to no more than 1-2 hours per day. Don’t forget your parents are role models for you, so you must set an example for your children by limiting your screen time. Instead of watching TV, encourage your child to participate in outdoor sports. At first, your baby may not like it but when he or she has become more active and active, he or she will recognize the joy of playing sports.