Heart lake coffe in Hokkaido is romantic

Viewed from above, Lake Toyoni has a heart shape, so many couples choose this place as a testimony for love. Lake Toyoni in Erimo town, Hokkaido is known as the most romantic lake in Japan because of the heart-shaped view from above. Especially, when yellow leaves and red leaves cover the mountains in the fall, this place is very poetic. To clearly see the shape of the lake, you must take a helicopter. The tour only flies from September to October every year because of the favorable weather and safety for visitors. It costs around 13,000 yen and may be canceled depending on the weather.
In other months, you can still come here by road through about 8 km of primary forest. The path is not too difficult, both trails and signs are available. Should prepare enough trekking equipment, dress lightly and absolutely must follow the instructions to avoid getting lost. The lake has an area of ​​about 30 hectares, about 18 meters deep, the water surface is like a mirror reflecting the blue sky in the summer, and is an ideal time for trekking because the road is dry and rain-free. It is named after Mount Toyonidake nearby. Close to the shores of rotting wood, the peaceful scene makes your soul quiet. A free toilet and parking lot are built near the lake, making it easy for visitors to visit.
Hồ trái tim Hokkaido lãng mạn
Visitors know Toyoni Lake when it was chosen as the filming site of a famous Japanese souvenir shop. It takes about 60 minutes from the center of Erimo to come here by car, quite safe to drive because the gravel road is easy to go.