Outdoor activities help us to love ourselves

Activities such as cycling, jogging, gardening in an open space help people improve their spirits and increase their level of love, even if the activity only takes 5 minutes.

Many previous studies have shown that outdoor activities can help people reduce the risk of neurological diseases and increase the level of satisfaction with life. But no scientist has yet figured out the minimum amount of time we have to spend time outdoors in order to benefit.

Reuters said scientists from the University of Essex, USA analyzed the personal data of 1,252 people of different sexes, ages and health conditions in the UK. They focus on studying people who regularly perform outdoor activities like jogging, gardening, cycling, fishing, sailing, horseback riding.

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Scientists see many positive physical and mental changes in people who are active outdoors. However, the most positive changes occur in young people and subjects with neurological diseases. It is worth noting that outdoor activities in a clean and airy setting increase the spirit and self-respect of people, even if the activity only lasts for 5 minutes.

“We believe that individuals and the society benefit if everyone exercises regularly in fresh outdoor spaces,” said Jo Barton, lead researcher, in a journal article. Environmental Science & Technology.

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The research team said that the authorities should put in place policies to encourage people to spend more time on activities in gardens, parks and other outdoor places. According to Barton, outdoor activities can take place in any natural environment. However, he said areas with greenery and water could bring about a more positive effect.

The environment of outdoor play and activities should be designed to inspire and inspire both girls and children to explore and explore. A quality play in environment that maximizes every area of ​​children’s learning and development, as well as meets the different abilities and learning styles of each person.